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What is QDP

Quality Discount Packaging (QDP) reallocates untouched packaging materials from those have an unusable surplus to those who need it now.

Surplus packaging produced by recognised manufacturers is quickly sold at less than the usual market price thanks to the speed and accuracy of the QDP webshop, which shows available quantities of items in realtime. There is no minimum order: small or big quantities can be ordered online, and delivered swiftly from stock.

There is no minimum order, so feel free to order exactly what you need. Order large or small quantities conveniently online and have them delivered swiftly from our space to yours.

A lot of unnecessary waste is generated in the packaging industry, but QDP leverages a win-win situation for all customers.

Our service:

  • gives manufacturers the opportunity to recapture some of their inventory investment on later unneeded packaging
  • allows companies to purchase required items at discounted prices
  • helps to minimise the consumption of precious natural resources by better preserving the environment than production and recycling methods

QDP is open to anyone interested in selling surplus packaging materials and those searching for discounted, but quality packaging materials. Try QDP today!

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