About Us


Quality Discount Packaging was created and is operated by Nordtek Packaging Ltd., based upon the distribution capabilities of the All In Packaging network, now present in 17 countries with a customer base exceeding 8000 companies.

This system is the result of a decade-long evolution following an evident market demand for the redistribution of excess packaging in Europe, which until now did not exist.

 Surplus packaging is created through a variety of factors:

  • the marketing of a product line requires a change in the packaging's aesthetics and specifications
  • design errors are made in the initial packaging ordering process
  • incorrect packaging is ordered for a specific product
  • business failures

The resulting availability of millions of excess top-quality packaging units, are then no longer needed by the original product manufacturer and remained unused in warehouses.

Meanwhile, one company’s excess is another’s process. In order to efficiently meet these supply imbalances, goods are appropriately channelled through QDP network giving companies in surplus the opportunity to recapture some of their inventory investment on their unneeded packaging and attractive discounted material for purchasing partners.

Quality Discount Packaging purchases surplus packaging components from companies located all over Europe and sells internationally. As a result, our service doesn’t only lend an isolated positive impact on the environment for Europe, but is a leading force for global green efforts. A reduction in waste materials and the minimal use of natural resources as a result of the Quality Discount Packaging system is something which anyone can appreciate.

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