We Buy Surplus Stock!


Thriving businesses know both surplus and insufficient packaging materials cause big problems. Storing unneeded materials is costly and difficult, but buying the exact quantity needed is usually not possible, until now.

Quality Discount Packaging (QDP) is a premier B2B service that reallocates one business’s surplus material to another company that needs high quality, yet discounted, packaging in any quantity, at any time. In short, QDP is simple, efficient and cost-cutting.


QDP works in two ways:

We buy your surplus products directly.

Most products can be resold, but without the right buyer, this process is exceedingly difficult. Quality Discount Packaging works with thousands of already trusted packaging customers thanks to the All In Packaging network. If we think that your products can be easily sold, we will buy it directly from you and offer it to our customers in our comprehensive webshop.

Your products will be presented in the Quality Discount Packaging webshop.

In some cases, we can't outright buy your products. When volumes are too large (by our determination) or your warehouse is better geographically suited to store the products until sale, this option might be right for you. Nevertheless, with thousands of potential customers in need of top quality packaging, we are sure to connect you quickly and easily to sell your surplus packaging products.


Quality Discount Packaging is available to every supplier. Whether you are a surplus packaging owner with limited stock or a packaging manufacturer with continuous supply, we want to help you find the right customer to save money and the environment.


Want to buy or sell surplus packaging? Let us know by filling out the form below and we'll be in touch!